The art of Swiss ice cream.

White Chocolate
A white chocolate ice cream with fine white shavings, which melt on your tongue. A supreme pleasure for chocolate connoisseurs.
Vanilla Dream
Premium vanilla ice cream with real vanilla including the most precious part: the seeds of the vanilla bean.
The ultimate dream for a sweet tooth! Temptingly sweet pieces of caramel in a rich and creamy ice cream.
Swiss Chocolate
Premium Swiss chocolate shavings blended in a creamy ice cream. The true taste treat for chocolate lovers.
A creamy, fruity and refreshing ice cream embellished with delectable strawberry pieces.
Panna Cotta
Panna Cotta ice cream enhanced with raspberry sauce and garnished with raspberry powder
Lemon Sorbet
This sunny and refreshing lemon sorbet with real lemon zest evokes memories of summer any time of the year.
A delectable blend of delicate ice cream and refreshing banana sorbet, enhanced with pieces of banan: an ice cream thats creamy and fruity.
Mint Chocolate
Refreshing mint ice cream and crunchy pieces of Swiss chocolate: an irresistible creation.
Caramelised hazelnut bits add a crunchy and sweet note to this hazelnut ice cream.
An incredibly velvety cinnamon ice cream made with Swiss milk, rich cream and a touch of very fine cinnamon powder. An aromatic cinnamon ripple sauce enriches this truly authentic treat.
Passion Fruit & Mango
With this duet of passion fruit and mango sorbet, you’ll feel like you’ve been carried off to Pacific Island, exotic and delightfully summery.
Coconut & Swiss Chocolate
The coconut fragrance is captured in a smooth ice cream perfectly paired with Swiss chocolate ice cream.
Mango & Cream
The velvety mango sorbet with its juicy mango pieces delivers fruity freshness and an exotic touch, while the Swiss cream gives this creation its bull-bodied creaminess.
Maple Walnut
Delicate caramelised walnuts and premium maple syrup make this ice cream a pure pleasure for all nut fans.
Aromatic coffee ice cream enriched with mild cream and melt-in-your mouth chocolate pieces.
Creme Brulee
Traditional Creme Brulee in the form of an ice cream: the perfect transformation.
A traditional, rich and creamy flavour combined with delightfully crunchy pieces of pistachio.
Blackcurrent & Cream
Smooth Swiss cream is paired with a delicate velvet-textured blackcurrant sorbet, enhanced with blackcurrant morsels for an extra touch of fresh-fruit succulence.
Raspberry & Strawberry
Delicate raspberries and refreshing strawberries are united in a single sorbet. The deep red is from the raspberries, with the strawberry pieces giving it that certain something.
The unique creaminess of an ice cream made with the world famous Swiss cream brought to a new level of intensity with a caramelised cream sauce. Caramelized Macadamia nuts.
Creamy coconut ice cream, with roasted and caramelised coconut pieces creating an even more authentic coconut flavour, make this unique ice cream an exotic vision in white, which will disappear in a flash!
Blueberry Cheesecake
A creamy ice cream enriched with an intense blueberry ripple and delicate biscuit pieces. A delicious interpretation of the original cheesecake.
Pure Swiss cream is the base for this exceptional rendering of panna ice cream, flattered by a generous scattering of finest dark chocolate pieces.