Super Creamy Vanilla
A rich dairy ice cream with the most subtle of vanilla flavours.
Banana ice cream with a sweet toffee ripple and chunky milk chocolate chips.
Luxurious vanilla dairy ice cream rippled with bubble gum ripple and millions sweets.
A creamy smooth and sweet ice cream with all the flavours of a fresh strawberry.
Rocky Road
Natural ice cream with a chocolate ripple surrounding mixed nuts, toffee crisps and real milk chocolate chunks.
Cookies & Cream
A rich dairy ice cream with pieces of delicous dark oreo biscuit. Ice cream with a crunch.
Ferrero Rocher
Everyones favorite, Ferrero Rocher flavoured ice cream.
Premium Belgian chocolate blended in a delicious ice cream. A chocolate lovers dream.
A sweet honey flavoured ice cream topped with honeycomb pieces.
Mango Sorbet
A rich mango sorbet with the intense sweetness of mangoes.
Salted Caramel
A sumptuously sweet caramel ripple, with a subtle bitterness of salt, smooth, rich caramel flavoured ice cream for a bitter-sweet taste to tantalise the taste buds.
Mint Chocolate Chip
A refreshing taste with bits of chocolate. Smooth and creamy with a crunch.
Coconut Sorbet
Coconut sorbet enhanced with coconut pieces.