Gelato from Italy

White Vanilla
A dense creamy white vanilla ice cream.
Candy Floss
Sweet Candy floss ice cream decorated with little stars.
Velvety hazelnut ice cream with chopped almond and hazelnut praline decorated with wafers.
Cherry & Cream
Bursting with flavour sweet cherry and white cream ice cream decorated with chocolates.
Triple Chocolate
White, milk and dark chocolate ice cream decorated with chocolate puppets.
Hazelnut & Chocolate
Hazelnut and Chocolate ice cream decorated with chopped hazelnuts, walnuts and chocolate cereal.
White Cream with Hazelnut Cocoa
White Cream combined with a rich hazelnut cocao flavour
Creamy strawberry ice cream topped with strawberries.
After Dinner Mint
Mint ice cream with variegated mint and chocolate and decoarated dark cocoa.
A creamy sweet coconut ice cream topped with shredded coconut.